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The Association of Deeply Religious Public Officials has urged its members to follow the example of the Kentucky county clerk who has refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because to do so would betray her conscience and her god. ADPRO released a statement urging its thousands of members to be  “front-line soldiers” in the fight against sin and “root it out of our national life, the way the Founding Fathers and Jesus intended.”

Already, an Arkansas liquor board clerk stopped issuing liquor licenses because his religion forbids the use of alcohol.  “I refuse to further the drinking of spirits. If I have to go to jail because of my conscience, at least I’ll be in the company of men who are not drinking.”

A building department official in Chicago refused to issue a building permit to a drug store because it sold contraceptive devices, which “deeply offended” his Catholic teachings. “Just say no or risk your immortal soul,” the official implored young people.

A move theater occupancy permit in Atlanta was refused by an official when he learned the owners intended to screen “Gone With the Wind” without deleting Rhett Butler’s famous last words, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a d..n.” The clerk said, “I do not go to the motion pictures, so I cannot say for certain, but my pastor has told me that even worse swear works are being used in movies. I find that hard to believe.”

In Waco a permit to operate loudspeakers past eight o’clock at night was refused by a local official because they were to be used to play music for dancing. “Dancing is a sin, has always been a sin and will always be a sin, regardless what the president of Baylor University says,” the official said.