TXM-logo-2014-with-tag-olFollowing the example of its contract with Texas Mutual, in which the insurance company funds fraud prosecutions by its office, the Travis County district attorney’s office is now requiring that all victims of crime pay for the prosecution of the accused.

“Where else would we get the money?” a spokesman for the office asked. “The Texas legislature does not like this office.” Under the new rules, the victim of a house burglary, for example, will be required to pay for the cost of an investigator, a spreadsheet preparer, a crime lab technician, fifteen minutes of a trial lawyer’s time if a plea deal is made, and four weeks for the lawyer and other costs if the case goes to trial. “I know that seems like a lot,” the spokesman said, “but it may be covered by insurance. Or it may not be.”

Murder victims present a different problem, if the family is unwilling or unable to pay for an expensive investigation and trial. “People really should consider this eventuality in their estate planning,” the spokesman warned.